Experimental Work

Mind as (Art)ifact and Practice

I attempt to follow the path of the sages, through reflection and experience I pursue the supreme science of the underlining experientially true reality which informs all other studies of the external world.

Like all the sages that emerged in cultures around the world over the millennia, I pursue the supreme science, which goes by many names, but describes the process of understanding our interconnectedness and the truth of consciousness. Looking inward to see directly that consciousness is the most basic and critical component of existence. Consciousness in this context is: empty like space, always lacking form, shape and color and whose function is to perceive and understand. Consciousness is perception, perception is reality. Therefore, there is no fundamental reality in the material world, only perception and perceptions are experiential; and that space and time are just artifacts of consciousness. To see a fraction of the fundamental nature of reality, the practice of self-realization needs to be implemented, stripping away ego and the perception of self.

The human body is a highly refined piece of biological technology. If utilized correctly it can become a supreme device, a tool which can open the door to see through our conventions of reality. The body and the mind are interconnected and mutually dependent. Contemplative practices yoked within the body are my true artistic practice; these are what I do every day in pursuit of a glimpse of the fundamental nature of reality. I use these experiences, as references, to inform my supreme science practice, which in turn is translated into my practice of making. Clairvoyance, synchronicities and other phenomena that occur as a result of said practices will be seen in my visual work, these outcomes seep into the (art)ifact.

These works, these (art)ifacts are constructed from what can be brought back from both the liminal space and flow-state. The written and spoken word is limited and inherently flawed. The nature of its dissemination is such that it cannot convey any concept fully: it is limited within the material nature of space and time. I believe the act of creating visual communication is closer to the nature of fundamental reality. The process of artistic interpretation employs repetitional motion and automatic drawing processes. As marks are made, they respond to previous marks in an automatic way as I enter a flow-state. I have found through practice, that time is not necessarily linear. For example, current (past)marks influence future marks. Like Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance,” potential future marks might influence the current (past) marks. Thoughts are energy; energy can neither be created nor destroyed, energy canonly be transferred or changed. Consciousness is energy, meaning it cannot be destroyed, only changed. Every thought or action has a consequence, an equal and/or opposite reaction that will affect everything eventually, however minute or great. Seeing that I am just the universe understanding itself.