Altruistic Biotope

This work involves the creation of a bio-process that is a biologically generated
system, which continues indefinitely. This process is a conceptual symbiosis of the
subordinate to primary or submissive to dominant—that is the true nature of the work.

The relationship of artist and bio-form create a controlled milieu for specific flora.
As the process of a machine evolves, the situation becomes symbiotic; myself as artist
and living biotope intertwined. As long as the artistic pursuit continues, the artist is
submissive to the biotope, as the biotope to the artist.

The work encompasses a process of growing mycelia, the early stages of
mushrooms, in hermetically sealed acrylic cubes.Once the mycelia has taken over the
substrate and has taken on the cube shape, it is then removed from the clear form and
placed into a clear spherical holder. The holder and cube of mycelia media is then
placed in a biotope, a constrained environmental condition. These organisms then
continue to grow under an exacting regime of controlled lighting and watering