About the Bodies of Work

Abstractions   |   Dialogues with Modern Perception

My work is an exploration of the limitless expanse of creation. I am finding
perception is fluid, you don’t remember things sequentially, you remember back to maybe a time or maybe a place. By being aware of your surroundings, it may peek through at a later time. The work is about the fluidity of existence, life is not fixed.

Time and space are unlimited, perhaps I’ve made this painting before, or you have and I’m copying from you. I make it because it means something to me. Tomorrow it may mean something different. My reason for creating it my change as well. Nothing is definitive, except that nothing is definitive. Everything had the potential of unlimited understandings. There are things that can’t be communicated in words. There are deeper meanings to things. There are deeper understandings to things. I’m not trying to make the viewer have a specific experience or response.

Even if we’re trying to grasp at a concept that doesn’t exist, it’s still nice to grasp for something. If I just made work, it would be a performance, which can be a beautiful thing, but it’s also good to have a final product. We come to a better understanding of ourselves by looking back at what we have done. I make this work because it helps me understand that I can perceive, and that I do exist, and that’s mindblowing.

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Objective Reactions  |  Studies in Light Dynamics

The objective and abstraction are independent, and at the same time they are linked. It may seem diametrically opposed to my primary line of interest, but I need something else to keep sharp when working in my abstracts. It allows me to have a way of looking and a different skill set. The similarities of the work come from my fascination with line. Making a line is nothing more than a two dimensional absolute, it’s the simplest of anything, outside of a dot. Lines are powerful, they may seem sharp or soft, but they are divisions of space, time and everything. Or it can be the antithesis of all the above, it can be the joining factor. A perfectly sharp straight line is so unnatural, we strive to find it in everything. By making it I become the master of perception of that moment.

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