The Beginnings of My Painting

I was recently asked when I started painting the way I do. I had to give it a quick thought. I remember starting my exploration of non representational painting in the fall of 1998. It was my last semester at Metro State Collage in Denver before moving on to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I had been accepted to SAIC because of my drawing prowess at that time.

This was a pivotal moment in my young artistic start. I saw a poster at school for a show, and later a talk at Regis University. The image on the poster caught my eye; its use of composition and color really peaked my interest.

Homare Ikeda’s Poster from 1998-1999

I went to that talk on September 17th 1998 and from that moment, how I made work at changed. Mr. Ikeda had many large works, and one very large painting that really stood out, or at least it seemed very large to me at that time,  it was maybe 5′ x 10′. It was, if I can still remember it correctly, mostly done in shades of whites and had textures and lines that made the composition so complex but still easy to consume. I can’t remember the talk that he gave 19 years ago, I am sure it was very informative and riveting. But I still remember the work and knowing that someday I was going to make large non-representational work that spoke to me like Ikeda’s.

Check out Homare Ikeda’s work at his website.



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