6 thoughts on “Introducing “Get Your Phil of Art” Video Series”

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    Love your video! Have trouble with just making a sketch I always end up putting to much time and detail. Then never end up making a final piece.

    1. One of my mentors told me what ever art you make should be complete, even if it is just a study. A sketch is a final piece or in my mind should always be able to be a final piece if you want it to be. I have a goal of larger work that I personally work towards. With that said I still love making smaller “sketches or studies” that then have the possibility of becoming more. Don’t think what you are making is limited, all the time you put into any work is great as long as you feel that it is. Just make make make and have a goal or dream of something larger, something more, something special. We all need that dream in all things not just making or art, just in living life.

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    Thanks! Are you saying don’t get hung up on the product, but on the process?
    If so, when do you focus on producing a finished product.

    1. I can only reply in the mode of my process. I have goals of work that I work toward. So, yes don’t get hung up in the product. Let the product come from the joy of the process. Also, as an artist I have short and long term goals just like anything else in life, and I re-evaluate them often. Work hard and have fun… Be easy on yourself.

  3. Phil – I think I hit the wrong button and deleted my reply. This is your old kindergarten teacher.
    I am so impressed with your ‘video’ and your approach to help other artists think about their work.
    I’ll be peeking in on your blog.
    NO GRADES. JUST ACCOLADES! Jeanne (aka Mrs. A.)

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